An Original Voice

Hilary Stobbs is an original voice from the east coast of Scotland whose elegant, rhythmic poetry captures a sense of place in finely observed detail. For me the Shetland poems, such as 'Woman Through Binoculars', are among the most memorable and authoritative; but others inspired by Chinese poetry, and also her exploration of the back story of women in well-known paintings (in the style of William Carlos Williams), demonstrate the wit and wisdom of her writing. Her unflinching depiction of nature, and of humanity within it, reminds me of the acclaimed Canadian poet, P.K. Page, whose poems also remain long in the memory.

Dr. Carole Smith


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New Book

Stobbs’ work has a pervasive
musicality and rhythmic pulse,
which is well suited to a
collection designed to be
accompanied by Gregorian
Chant. However, the poems offer
a great deal more: an exuberant
use of colour and scent, a real
connection with the natural
world, and a luminosity that
pervades the spiritual and
visionary aspects of the collection.
There is mystery here, in the
recurring presence of ‘the boy’,
and the unfamiliar
representations of well-known
biblical themes. Stobbs’ lyrical
voice and the sheer beauty of her
imagery make this a book to

Joy Howard, Grey Hen Press



The new book - Caught on the Inbreath - can be obtained from price £10.

Copies of the first book - Until it Rains - are also available, priced £4.